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1975 – 1976 Models: Replacement of the Ignition Switch (plastic).

1975 – 1976 Models: Replacement of the Ignition Switch (plastic).

For 1975 – 1976, the VW engineers actually did something good; they made replacing the plastic ignition switch remarkably easy. This guide does not cover the removal of the steering wheel. See your Haynes Manual. We will cover the removal of the turn signal / wiper / ignition assembly. This procedure will take about 1 hour (with beer or coffee breaks). Additional “in car” photos can be added, but should not be necessary.

Tools and Supplies:

  1. Flat blade screwdriver.
  2. Small Phillips head screwdriver
  3. Pliers
  4. Coffee or Beer
  5. 27 mm socket and breaker bar
  6. 6 mm hey key (allen wrench)

Step 1: Fastner and “C” clip removal

Disconnect negative terminal of battery prior to procedure. To get the steering locking pawl to release, the key needs to be inserted and turned. After removal of the steering wheel, the assembly looks like this.

Top Side:


Step 2: Slide assembly off steering column

Slide the assembly towards the rear of the car. This may take some effort, but it will come off. The images show the decorative cover off. Once the assembly is off the steering column, the decorative cover can be pushed off to the rear (not neccessary). Also, the wires and washer hoses are long enough to not have to disconnect them to slide the assembly off the housing. Once you have exposed the rear of the housing simply pull the ignition connector off the switch. The screw that holds the plastic part can now be removed and the plastic part removed and replaced.

Now just reassemble in reverse order. Do not forget to replace the "C" clip. You can also order and replace the steering wheel bushing if you have play in your steering column.

    Info compiled by Professor 914 (aka Slits) - © 914world.com 
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