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Owner: saigon71
Year: 1974 914-4
Engine: 2056 D-Jet
Color: Zambezi
Details: A barn find in 2009 quickly turned into a four year restoration in a one car garage. It is mostly stock with a few upgrades. Since 2013 it has served as my daily driver 9 months out of the year (it gets parked for the winter) and brings a smile to my face every time I get behind the wheel.
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FS: OE Visors, * Featured Item * Sat. 01/22/2022 10:06:49 PM
FS: NOS Hirschmann Antenna SOLD Sat. 01/22/2022 09:26:49 PM
Koni Race Struts, Koni Race Struts Sat. 01/22/2022 09:15:42 PM
One American Racing rim Sat. 01/22/2022 08:59:11 PM
Impeller (fan) with good blades Sat. 01/22/2022 08:55:16 PM
Exhaust Headers, Exhaust Headers Sat. 01/22/2022 08:52:06 PM
FS: Rear hubs machined for 5 lug, * Featured Item * Sat. 01/22/2022 08:07:26 PM
Pending: Black fog light surrounds Sat. 01/22/2022 06:45:22 PM
Set of original fog lights Sat. 01/22/2022 06:16:07 PM
FS: Muffler Assortment !, * Featured Item * Sat. 01/22/2022 05:56:50 PM
1.7 Block Sat. 01/22/2022 05:55:56 PM
New Rear brake hardware kit Sat. 01/22/2022 05:41:34 PM
FS Thunderbird Exhaust $150 shipped CONUS, Removed from ‘74 2.0 in CA Sat. 01/22/2022 05:40:47 PM
Set of 6x16 and 7x16 Fuchs Sat. 01/22/2022 05:26:11 PM