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914 Body Dimensions

Click on the Fig. number in the table below to see a detailed picture of the area ...

dim. fig. description distance description
a 1 Between fenders 1277 mm,
50 9/32"
Measured in front area of flange inner edges
b 1 Between headlight compartments 776 mm,
30 9/16"
Measured at outer edges of weatherstrip seat flanges
c 2 Width of front luggage compartment 1380 mm,
54 11/32"
Horizontal distance to outer edge of lid weatherstrip seat
d 3 Length of front body assembly 1074 mm,
42 9/32"
Through vehicle center, from forward edge of body to inner flange of lid weatherstrip seat
e 3 Diagonally in front luggage compartment 1742 mm,
67 7/8"
Measured between forward edge of fender and outer corner edge of lid weatherstrip seat
f 4 Between roll bar and windshield flange 638 mm,
25 1/8"
g 5 Windshield flange height 788 mm,
31 1/32"
Measured between lower edge of windshield flange and upper edge of flange and door rocker panel
h 6 Between hinge and door lock pillars 1039 mm,
40 29/32"
Measured between bulge for door contact switch and depression for door lock plate
i 7 Between hinge pillars 1503 mm,
59 3/16"
Horizontal distance between hole centers on left and right sides
k 8 Diagonally across windshield frame 1373 mm,
54 1/16"
Measured at upper edge of windshield frame
l 9 Vertical windshield opening 689 mm,
27 1/8"
Measured in upper part of windshield frome in center of vehicle
m 10 Windshield frame width 1711 mm,
46 3/32"
Horizontal distance between inner left and right roof edges
n 11 12 Diagonal distance between rollbar and lock plate 1433 mm,
56 13/32"
Measured from corner of roll bar to top of inner hole of door lock plate on opposite side
o 13 14 Diagonal distance across rear window 1280 mm,
50 13/32"
Measured between corners of window seating surface
p 15 Vertical opening in rear window frame 243 mm,
9 9/16"
Measured through vehicle center between upper and lower edges of window seating surface
q 16 Length of rear body assembly 778 mm,
30 5/8"
Distance between flange inner edge of rear panel and vertical part of rear floor panel through center of vehicle
r 16 Width of opening for rear luggage compartment lid 1359 mm,
53 1/2"
Distance between left and right fender flange. Dimensions are constant through the compartment area to tail light assemblies
s 17 18 Diagonal distance across rear luggage compartment 1588 mm,
62 17/32"
Measured between inner corners of the lid weatherstrip seat
t 19 20 Diagonal distance across passenger compartment 1642 mm,
64 21/32"
Measured between corner of longitudinal member inner wall and crease in transverse member at wheel housing
u 17 21 Passenger compartment width 1228 mm,
48 11/32"
Measured between inner walls of longitudinal members; dimension is constant across entire passenger compartment
v 22 20 Passenger compartment width 717 mm,
28 7/32"
Distance between front left and right longitudinal member
w 23 Body height to windshield flange 578 mm,
22 3/4"
Measured at distance A = 400 mm from firewall in centerof vehicle
x 24 20 Diagonal distance across roof opening 1337 mm,
52 5/8"
Measured between outer corner of roll bar and inner edge of roof on opposite side
y 25 26 Diagonal distance across passenger compartment 1976 mm,
77 25/32"
Measured at distance A = 400 mm of roll bar and outer edge of lower hole for hinge
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