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I have an opportunity to buy the 914 that I grew up with as a kid. My father sold it while I was in college. The owner repaired a dented fender and repainted the entire car. He put in on a carport with a cover and never did anything else. The carport is open but it has a concrete floor. This was 35 years ago. The car did not have hardly any rust. It has only 78K original miles. It is a 1973 1.7L. The interior is in really good shape. The car will need to have the tired engine rebuilt. It will also need new brakes and tires at a minimum. The car was running when it was parked but the engine had become weak.

My question is what kind of cost do you think I am looking at to get this up and running? I would like a reliable engine with a little more power. I realize you have not seen the car and there are always extra costs. I would have someone do the engine work. I can probably do the brakes. I have restored some bikes but never a car.
The big question is hidden rust, have the rocker panels taken off & look underneath as well asunder the battery where any acid leaking is a big issue.
Good luck smile.gif
You've asked a very open ended question...I suspect the responses will be similar.

The typical issue is rust...especially the kind that is not easily visible.

Ian Karr has put out a series of terrific videos on YouTube...if you haven't seen them yet I'd recommend you take a look.

The next obvious question is how much of the proposed work can you/are you willing to do yourself? These are, for the most part, very simple cars...with the exception of perhaps fuel injection and troubleshooting vacuum leaks.

From what you've stated, the good news is that the car has been stored out of the elements and on a solid pad (vs. on an open field).

If you try to narrow your question...and post a few photos...I am sure you'll get a much better response. There is a wealth of valuable information here.

Good luck!
Brakes- Calipers restored (PMB) new rotors, pads, hoses, bearings ~ $1000
Tires- ~$500 out-the-door

Weatherstripping- $300-1500 as old rubber dries out.
Misc- battery, fluids, CV boots, lenses, headlight upgrade, paint correction, & niceties.

Engine could be $5k. Likely it's mechanically sound and a FI component or two failed.

Rust is really only an issue to driving if you can drop a tennis ball thru it.
With all due respect to Mastercard,

Cost of repairs=????
Joy of driving the car when it is done=Priceless.

If the car has decent paint, requires no/little interior repair, and has no/little rust, you should be able to get the rest done for $5-10,000.

Weak engines were standard from the factory.
Thank you all for your responses. I know price is a shot in the dark but you have given me an idea and some things to look for. I really appreciate it.
QUOTE(Gplracer @ Nov 24 2021, 10:05 AM) *
This was 35 years ago

Do *not* try to turn over the engine after the car has been sitting outside for 35 years!

Don't listen to anyone who tells you otherwise.

You may have figured this out, but a run-of-the-mill 914, even with recently inflated prices, makes it likely to get upside-down in restoration cost vs. resale value. IMO, doing that kind of restoration might be justified if you have deep pockets, or if you would get significant enjoyment from the process.
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